“Agbalanze Society of Onitsha is a cultural expression of the dynamics of our town and its people”
“Agbalanze Society of Onitsha is a cultural expression of the dynamics of our town and its people”
Nnabuenyi Uchenna Mbanefo
Past President
Bringing our institution to its rightful position in the global sphere of cultural heritage
By creating an avenue for further research and understanding which will enable the present generation to effectively strengthen and re-position our Ozo institution and Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association for the future. .
Our long time tested ethos in terms of priestly values and activities are enshrined in purity.
The Ozo titled person who is the member of the Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association is a priest in the traditional religion of Onitsha Ado n’Idu.

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Origin & Beginnings

OZO, its paraphernalia and its derivative, the Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association of Onitsha, are patrimonial gifts from the founding fathers of Onitsha Ado na Idu. Ozo in Onitsha is intertwined with the traditional religion of its people. Ozo Onitsha therefore is as old as Onitsha town.
An author Onuorah Nzekwu states that “Ozo” had been part of the culture of Onitsha people before the migration from Ado ‘N’ Idu to the east bank of the River Niger.

The Rites of Passage

The rites, obligations and financial implications of the Ozo title have experienced varying fortunes since the pre-colonial times. A wealthy farmer in those days for instance, invested his surplus farm produce over several years in Ozo. He paid part of his initiation fee each good year in yam tubers, maize cobs & pods of okpodudu (locust bean). Over time, the expectations of many concerned indigenes & prospective initiates were met …

Development & Reforms

Most of our cultural and traditional nuances had been or were forgotten as they became passed on from one generation to the next. A tradition or culture that spanned 5 centuries and counting would surely not remain in its original and undiluted form in the 21st century. The changing times have also brought some changes into the role of the Agbalanze Cultural Association on the Onitsha Ado n’Idu scheme of governance.

We are on an irreversible course and march to progress; we remain in line with the aims and aspirations of our founding fathers.

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The Executives

Ozomma Ogbo Okosi

Ozomma Ogbo OkosiPresident

Ezennia Okwusogu (DR.)Vice President

Ononenyi Victor Ikem ObiSecretary

Ojinaka Pat Mba

Ojinaka Pat MbaTreasurer

Ezennia Achike Ndiwe

Ezennia Achike NdiweFinancial Secretary

Ezedinaobi Chukwuma EkwerekwuAssistant Secretary

Nwachi Adimorah MegafuAssistant Fin. Secretary

Retro Play

We have taken the liberty to include a retro list of ‘Legends of the Past’ in the Presidential role.

Past Presidents

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