Ozo Onicha
Ado N'Idu
Its developmental strides are in line
with the aims and aspirations
of our founding fathers
Slide We as the standard bearers owe a duty to our younger
generation and generations yet unborn, to ensure that
our way of life is preserved and protected for posterity.
Our Culture is at the brink of Extinction!

Aims & Objectives of the Association

Onitsha town operates the monarchical system of government. Every constitution of the Ancient and Prestigious Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association asserts in its aims and objectives the under mentioned articles among others:

  • To instill and promote respect for our Traditional Institutions, Culture and History.
  • To work with Obi-in-Council and other Traditional Institutions of Onitsha for the betterment of our Town.
  • As a matter of deliberate and conscious policy, to always refrain from any act which could be reasonably construed as being usurpation to the Obi-in-Council, provided that the Association shall always proffer its considered counsel on any matter if its interest appears to so indicate.
  • In appropriate cases, and within the limit of its resources, to provide moral, material and financial support for any laudable social development project in Onitsha.
  • To inculcate, promote, and foster the cultivation of patriotism and pride in Onitsha history, culture and heritage.
  • To invest in land, building and the capital market e.t.c. pursuant to this, the Association shall register “AGBALANZE ONITSHA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION ” under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act.

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Code of Ethics

The Ozo titled person who is the member of the Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association is a priest in the traditional religion of Onitsha Ado n’Idu . His priestly values and activities are enshrined in purity. This has been our time tested ethos. Click to view our code of ethics


With civilization and development, one may ask, have the members of Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association veered from the intended course of the founders? View developments


The featured book titled ‘Origin & Developments – Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association’ is a major contribution to the growing body of published materials on, and documentation of, the life of the people of Onitsha Ado N’ldu. It calls for-further research and understanding which will enable the present generation to effectively strengthen and re-position our Ozo institution and Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association for the future. I welcome this book and commend it to a worldwide readership of both Onitsha indigenes and everyone interested in indigenous cultures and traditions.

His Majesty, Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe, CFR, mni
Obi of Onitsha
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