Our Code of Ethics

The code of ethics credited to Ben Chukwudebe by the Onitsha Christian Heritage Association (ONICHA) (1997:9) is reproduced hereunder:

I gana-asopulu Okpala i. I ma-aga ya n’iru. I gana-efe ya nru. lgana-akwudolu ya n ‘uno mgbencha.

Meaning – You must respect your Okpala; you should never over step/ override him; you must always sponsor him, you must always support him in the home front on family issues.

I gana-ene nna i na nne i anya. I gana-afu fa n’anya. O bu alu m ‘0bulu na itie nna lm ‘0 bu nne i ife, m’0 bu ikpoofa iyi nso. Ife ndia bu ife ana-emegha emegha

Meaning – You must always care for your father and mother, you must always love them; it is a sacrilege for you to beat/manhandle your father or mother.

Igana-elota ikene Ani.

Meaning – You must always venerate the Ani, the ani being the earth goddess.

I mana-apu ilo ma chijie. O di na mkpa, I ga-anyalu akpa i-nya bu mmadu g’eso l.

Meaning – You must not keep late nights, you must, if absolutely necessary, keep late night in company of an escort.

Nze na Ozo ada asi asi.

Meaning – An Ozo titled person is always truthful

Nze na Ozo ada ezu-ori.

Meaning – An Ozo titled person abhors stealing and should not be associated with theft.

Nze na ozo ada egbu mmadu ngha bu na nze na ozo ada anu ogu,
o da-agwo ogwu igbu mmadu, O da-aku nsi.

Meaning – An Ozo titled person does not commit murder. More reason why Ozo titled man should not be involved in brawls; neither should he involve in wizardry to kill; nor sends deadly, spiritual arrows to fellow human beings.

Nze na Ozo ada aghi nwada ma O bu nwunye ebo.

Meaning – The Ozo titled person does not co-habit his brother’s wife/ves.

Nze na ozo ada eso agba izu igbu mmadu. O ma-eso gba izu imegide umu nnaya.

Meaning – The titled person should not be involved in any conspiracy to kill; neither should he be found to be involved in anti-kindred conspiracies
that are detrimental to his kindred.

Nze na ozo ada-eli nni O na-amaro onye silinu.

Meaning – The titled person is not known for always eating out and, for that matter, does not consume food the purveyor of which is questionable.

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The rites, obligations and financial implications of the Ozo title have experienced varying fortunes since the pre-colonial times. A wealthy farmer in those days for instance, invested his surplus farm produce over several years in Ozo. He paid part of his initiation fee each good year in yam tubers, maize cobs & pods of okpodudu (locust bean).


The featured book titled ‘Origin & Developments – Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association’ is a major contribution to the growing body of published materials on, and documentation of, the life of the people of Onitsha Ado N’ldu. It calls for-further research and understanding which will enable the present generation to effectively strengthen and re-position our Ozo institution and Agbalanze Onitsha Cultural Association for the future. I welcome this book and commend it to a worldwide readership of both Onitsha indigenes and everyone interested in indigenous cultures and traditions.

His Majesty, Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe, CFR, mni
Obi of Onitsha
Thinking of getting the book?